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Pat Buchanan: ‘De-Christianized’ Culture To Blame For Chris Lane Killing

Political pundit Pat Buchanan discussed the murder of Australian baseball player Chris Lane during a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta van Susteren.” Lane, who is white, was allegedly shot and killed last week by three “bored” Oklahoma teenagers. He discussed a number of issues surrounding the incident, including culture, morality and race.

“It’s not only evil — there’s a sense here of amorality,” Buchanan said. “No sense that anything of real preciousness and value is involved. It’s let’s get our kicks for a couple of minutes by shooting a man to death. And I think it raises a question: Where do these kids come out? Where do they come from to get the idea that this was sort of a fine thing, a good thing to do and a lot of fun? I think if you take a look at the culture — I think we got to take a look at the culture that they grew up in. Look at the — kids when I grew up, you never heard of anything like this. Kid got in fights and there were problems and things like that.”

“But I think what’s happened to the society is that the conscience-forming institutions — the family, that’s disintegrated and collapsed,” Buchanan added. “You’ve got the school, which is not doing the job it used to. The black churches and many of the white churches are — the country’s been de-Christianized. And these kids have clearly been desensitized. I think what you’ve got here are products of the cultural-social-moral revolution that overthrew all the standards by which previous generations lived. I grew up in D.C., Greta. I was born in the 30s and grew up in the 50s. My father grew up here in the 20s. They had black communities here. Hundreds of thousands of extraordinarily poor people, working class people — you didn’t have things like this going on.”

Buchanan was asked whether or not he thought President Barack Obama should denounce this crime, The Daily Caller reported. 

“He sure should,” Buchanan said. “I mean, Trayvon Martin was a tragedy, but you had two people mixed up. They got in a horrible fight. One of them was winning. One was panicked, screaming, yelling, shot a gun. That is different than driving along in a car and saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,’ and murdering him. Now, my guess what is going to come out of this, quite frankly, is that it is racial. Why would you pick a 22-year-old white male if you’re just shooting anybody?”

Sources: The Daily Caller, NewsHounds


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