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Pastors Speak Out Against 'Deadpool' Movie

The film "Deadpool" set a new opening weekend record for a R-rated film, but several pastors are opposing the movie, which features Marvel Comics' anti-hero, Wade Wilson.

The film includes nudity, sex, violence and hints of bestiality.

"No, Christians should absolutely not watch any movies with violence, nudity, or profanity," New Jersey-based Pastor Jamie Morgan tweeted The Christian Post. "Why? It all gets back to the character of God. God is holy and that movie's not! Nuff said!"

"I have heard from several parents who have children who want to see the movie," Pastor Ron Edmondson, a clergyman in Kentucky, told The Christian Post. "The dilemma of our day is doing the right thing when everyone else isn't. I understand the appeal of those who love the Marvel series, and certainly the Bible is a graphic book also, but I'm concerned that allowing children to see this would further confuse their values. It perverts the world of comics and will confuse them concerning what a hero should be."

"Kids are much more likely to start objectifying others if they see examples of such behavior in their media heroes," Maryland-based Pastor Thomas Christianson added., a Christian movie review website, was much stronger in its opposition with a headline that read: "Dear America: Please Don’t Watch DEADPOOL!"

The site added:

"DEADPOOL is a character that encourages an Indian taxi-drive to murder the man who’s competing with the affection of his crush. DEADPOOL is a character that mocks and abuses an elderly blind woman. DEADPOOL is a character that jokes about child molestation while flirting with a prostitute. The press screening I attended had the room laughing through these gags. This doesn’t even include the fact that in the end, the character chooses murder over compassion, selfish destruction over heroism and debauched vulgarity over honor.

"DEADPOOL is the lawless fantasy of our sinful nature, and right now, too many people are celebrating it. DEADPOOL’s arrogant and rebellious attitude may have a level of attraction, but that’s why it’s important to fight against it. We need less arrogance and more humility. Less perversion and more purity. Less rebelliousness and more honor."

Sources: The Christian Post, / Photo credit: Nigel Horsley/Flickr

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