Pastor's Rant On Target's Bathrooms Goes Viral (Video)


Pastor Greg Locke of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, uploaded a video rant (below) against Target's new bathroom policy, which has since gone viral.

While filming his video outside Target, Locke described how he was skeptical when the media reported Target's new bathroom policy. So, he went into the store and asked the manager.

According to Locke, the manager told him that people can now use the bathroom that they self-identify with, based on their gender identity. The manager's answer accurately reflected Target's position that was stated on the retail giant's corporate website on April 19.

Locke said he "pushed the issue," and the manager gave him the phone number to the corporate headquarters so that he could get "further information."

Locke then said:

And, no, Target, I need no further information to know that you have lost your ever-loving mind. Are you kidding me? Your political correctness has caused you to do something extraordinarily stupid. You know why?

Because you’re not targeting and being inclusive to transgender people by doing this. They make up 0.3 percent of the population. What you are targeting are perverts, pedophiles, people that are going to harm our children.

Locke went on to talk about how he used to smoke dope but was never that stupid.

"That has to be one of the most ridiculous moves that I have ever heard of in my life," Locke added.

Locke predicted that other businesses would also be "politically correct" and follow Target's lead, adding that they were being "ignorantly, ignorantly naive." He summed up his thoughts by calling Target's bathroom policy a "very, very dumb move."

Locke's video, which was posted on his Facebook on April 22, has since gone viral. It garnered over 16.3 million views, 148,000 reactions, and 325,300 shares in just four days.

In 2014, Locke said he was shocked to learn that a youth pastor whom he hired had been arrested for allegedly sexual abusing a teen girl at another church, WSMV reported.

"We knew that it was serious enough to get the authorities involved," Locke said at the time.

"It blindsided me as his friend and as the pastor of the church," Locke added. "It blindsided our people."

The youth pastor whom Locke hired had worked with some children at his church.

"He would head up our blasts for the kids or maybe a special service, he would speak to them and things," Locke said. "As a student pastor, Michael was in charge of the other volunteers in the church that actually led our teenagers."

Sources: Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook, WSMV, / Photo Credit: Pastor Greg Locke/YouTube

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