Pastor's Daughter Hannah Kelley Shot Inside Florida Church

The daughter of a Florida pastor is clinging to life Monday after accidentally getting shot in the head at her father's church.

WTSP-TV reports that 20-year-old Hannah Kelley was standing in the Grace Connection Church near St. Petersburg on Sunday when nearby in a closet a man was showing a gun to two young men. One of them was Kelley's boyfriend, who was interested in buying a gun.

Police say that although gun owner Moses Zambrana took the clip out of the gun, there was still a bullet in the chamber. The gun went off, firing through the wall and hitting Kelley.

She is listed in critical condition at Bayfront Medical Center.

"There is a big level of concern 'cause she may or may not survive. But we're all praying for her and, right now, I guess that's the best we can do," said church member Tony Diehl.

Police say Zambrana has a permit to carry a gun and did not appear to break any laws, so no charges have been filed against him thus far.

Here is the report from WTSP:


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