Pastor's 8/8 Campaign: Stop Social Network Gossip for 8 Days

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WATERVLIET, MI -- Social Networking is coming under Attack! On 8-8 (August 8) Pastor Kevin Hester of The Sanctuary Baptist Church in Watervliet Michigan is once again challenging people around the world to go "Gossip Free" for 8 Days.

Eight is the number of a fresh start and Kevin believes we all need work in this area. He hopes this will begin to form a positive habit. This time the challenge comes with an emphasis on Social Networking. Kevin wants people, not only to refrain from speaking and listening to gossip, but to also stop typing, texting, tweeting and posting it. He claims gossip continues to hurt people and destroy lives and that the fastest growing area of gossip is through social networking.

While new technologies are beneficial, Kevin has experienced and observed destruction from gossip that people have texted, tweeted, typed and posted. From Facebook to Youtube, from cell phones to Craigslist, from Twitter to Blogging, wherever the information highway can take you, you will find hurtful gossip.

Kevin believes that this gossip, has the ability to go absolutely anywhere with no boundaries and has a continuing cancerous effect. Gossip has destroyed innocent lives, caused wars, divided nations, shut down companies, and broken up organizations. The list of it's wake is endless.

Gossip is also a form of bullying, that continues to damage many young lives as well.

Kevin is challenging everyone to PAUSE before their fingers do the talking. He wants people to ask themselves first if what they are about to communicate is Private, Attacking, Upright, Sensitive, or Exaggerated before they send it, and if it is to change it or not send it. Once something is sent or posted it can't be taken back!

Kevin is encouraging everyone to join him in this 8 day challenge as he attempts to make social networking a safer way to connect and share information. He has also written a couple of small books on gossip, and has bracelets and Gossip Free Cards available for those who really want to take a stand against this destructive behavior. More information about Kevin's Gossip Free campaign can be found at


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