Pastor: 'We'll Worship God With Our Wallet' (Video)

Controversial PastorMark Driscoll advised attendees at The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, to worship God with their wallets during a sermon on Aug. 14 (video below).

"We are Jonah," Driscoll stated. "We have a Lord. We have a savior, his name is Jesus. We'll worship God with our wallet, we’ll give unto the Lord so that the message of Jesus goes forth."

Christian psychologist Warren Throckmorton, who has reported extensively about Driscoll's fall from Seattle's Mars Hill Church, flagged the video and noted that when people go to The Trinity Church website and click the "Watch" (sermons) navigation tool, they are forwarded to MarkDriscoll.org.

Once at MarkDriscoll.org, users are blocked with a lightbox-powered newsletter sign-up feature that they must complete to continue to the "Watch" page that states: "Welcome to the Mark Driscoll Ministries Live stream. Join pastor Mark each week live from The Trinity Church in Scottsdale Arizona. Service times at The Trinity Church are 9 and 10:45AM Mountain Time Zone (Arizona)."

Next to a video player on the "Watch" page there is a "Give Today" button that takes users to a "Support" page on MarkDriscoll.org that says: "Your tax-deductible gift helps us host and distribute Pastor Mark Driscoll’s past and future Bible teaching and resources. Enter any amount below."

Throckmorton notes that Mark Driscoll Ministries is a non-profit entity that is separate from The Trinity Church.

In his "wallet" sermon, Driscoll was preaching from Jonah 2:1-10, which is when Jonah is praying to God to get him out of the belly of a whale (depicted in the background in cartoon form).

There is no explicit mention of money in those verses, but Jonah does vow to pay God back if he gets out of the big fish in Jonah 2:9, "But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord."

Sources: Warren Throckmorton, MarkDriscoll.org, The Trinity Church / Photo credit: The Trinity Church via YouTube

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