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Pastor Waves Hand, Knocks Down Congregation (Video)

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome blew away his congregation, seemingly literally, in December 2014.

In a video (below), posted by, Oyakhilome repeatedly waved his hand at various sections of his congregation and they fell backwards, crashed into chairs and dropped to the floor.

According to, reactions on YouTube were mixed. One person wrote: "This makes me F--------- ANGRY. All those a------- are making Christianity look so bad. I f------- hate people like that."

A choir member identified only as "Mary" told, "After the message from the man of God, he said that something will happen today. So when he said 'take it' I felt something like a wind pushing me down."

After Oyakhilome and his wife Anita separated last year, he removed her name from the church website, noted Anita filed for divorce in 2014 citing "adultery" and "unreasonable behavior," reported

Oyakhilome is a popular preacher in Nigeria, but his ministry headquarters is in Kent, U.K.

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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