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Pastor Warns 'Militant Homofascism' Wants To Take Over America (Video)

Pastor Ken Graves delivered a stern warning at The Awakening 2015 conference, a conservative Christian event held on March 14 in Orlando, Florida.

Graves, who heads Calvary Chapel Bangor in Orrington, Maine, told those in attendance: "Militant homofascism seeks to take over our land and make it Sodom," noted (video below).

Graves added:

"We are also conscious that militant Islam, truthfully, wants to establish a world-wide caliphate. They want to destroy everything we have, and complicit with them is the secularist, is the secular humanist fundamentalist extremist that want to make this sort of their secular humanist caliphate."

Graves didn't explain why Islamists and secularists were supposedly working together for contradictory goals, but added that secular humanists have taken control of "every major institution."

In 2009, Graves was part of a campaign to stop same-sex marriage in Maine. He filmed a commercial against gay marriage, but later admitted he didn't personally know any same-sex couples, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Sources:, San Francisco Chronicle
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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