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Pastor Warns About 'Homosexual Connection' In Taylor Swift Song (Video)

Pastor Kevin Swanson recently expressed his displeasure with Taylor Swift's 2014 song "Welcome to New York."

Speaking on his Generations radio show yesterday, Pastor Swanson seethed about the "homosexual connection" in the song, noted (video below).

"That’s the way it goes as another nice little Presbyterian, Southern Baptist girl bites the dust, following the trajectory of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, taking their 13-year-old fan club all the way, all the way," Pastor Swanson said.

He lamented about the money the young artists were making, and added:

Don't put your 13-year-old girl on that train, don't get on the train. And don't put your 13-year-old girl or your 15-year-old son on the same train with other 13-year-old daughters and 13-year-old sons who are hanging out with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Pastor Swanson also complained about the corrupt pop culture and peer culture present at public and Christian schools.

He then added a warning for parents:

And they’re all riding the train and, yeah, they start out with a benign Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and before you know it they’re singing their demon songs and they’re making their attributions to their homosexual friends and that’s the way a national apostasy occurs.

For her part, Swift explained the song in a video (below) released on her website:

And I wanted to start the album with this song because New York has been an important landscape and location for the story of my life in the last couple of years. Uhh, you know, I dreamt about living in New York, I obsessed moving to New York and then I did it.

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