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Pastor Warns About Girl Scouts Turning Kids Into Lesbians (Video)

Pastor Kevin Swanson criticized the Girl Scouts today on his "Generations Radio" show.

Pastor Swanson claimed the Girl Scouts were corrupting youngsters, and insisted that he would not back down on his efforts to warn the public based upon what Jesus said in the Bible, noted

Pastor Swanson also said that girls were leaving the organization and gave the main reason why (audio below):

People who care about their kids, they care about their little girls, I would say the majority of them, and I'm going to say probably 95 percent of parents who really care about their little girls do not want them being lesbians at 24 years of age.

Pastor Swanson went on to slam parents who send their children to public schools where they are supposedly being "indoctrinated" into a gay agenda.

"I would love to ask these parents, 'Is it your objective that your kids be well indoctrinated in lesbianism and homosexuality such that they will become the future lesbians of America at 24 years of age?'" Pastor Swanson said.

The Girl Scouts have been in the crosshairs of conservatives and Christians ever since a Colorado troop allowed a transgender scout in 2012, noted Mother Jones. The organization was also slammed by some conservatives who claimed it was linked to Planned Parenthood, reported The Christian Post, which the Girl Scouts have denied. reported in 2013 that Pastor Swanson begged his listeners not to buy Girl Scout cookies because the group supposedly promoted lesbianism.

Sources:, Mother Jones, The Christian Post
Image Credit: United States Office of War Information


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