Pastor Wants Gay Marriage Supporters to Live With Poor Plumbing (Video)


Pastor Jim Garlow of the Skyline Church in San Diego, California, has a long history of opposing gay rights.

Pastor Garlow was an outspoken supporter and organizer of Proposition 8, an effort to ban gay marriage in California that was ultimately overturned by the courts.

Pastor Garlow was recently part of the Vatican's summit on marriage where he declared that advocacy for same-sex marriage was a "demonic movement to destroy marriage," reported

“The attack on marriage is global,” added Pastor Garlow. “I believe it’s clearly demonic.”

Pastor Garlow was recently interviewed by the "Point Of View" radio program about the summit, noted

At one point, Pastor Garlow compared homosexuality to poor plumbing (audio below).

"All the people who advocate for so-called same-sex marriage ought to have to live in homes in which the plumbers who built them, or the electricians who built them, didn't understand the difference between the male and female end of piping or plumbing, or of electrical as well, and see how that home works out for them," said Pastor Garlow.

"It doesn't work; it can't work," added Pastor Garlow. "Because God has made male and female spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally as complimentary to each other, completing each other."

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