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Pastor Upset By Planned Parenthood Donation In His Name (Video)

Pastor Greg Locke of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, posted a video (below) to Facebook on Feb. 27 in which he complained about someone making a donation to Planned Parenthood in his name.

In the video, Locke can be heard saying that he received a "shocking" and "interesting" card from Planned Parenthood. He found the letter to be strange because of his "bold and biblical stand against them."

Locke recalled that the card thanked him for a donation made in his honor by someone whom he calls a "hater" in Houston, Texas. Locke added that he didn't know how much the donation was for, and proceeded to attack the health organization that provides birth control, STD testing, cancer screenings and abortions:

There has never been an organization in the world that has killed more innocent people, other than radical Islam, than that of Planned Parenthood.

...I’m just going to say it boldly whether you like it or not: Planned Parenthood does not give the flip of a wooden nickel about women’s health care. It’s a bunch of deceptive individuals that are in it for the money, that have been known to sell baby parts on the black market, and they have done nothing but butcher innocent lives for years.

So as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if I ever get another piece of literature from you guys again. Because you’re just wasting your money to send me this nonsense.

So if nothing else becomes of this video, I at least want everyone to know that Pastor Greg Locke has absolutely, positively, tee-totaling nothing to do with Planned Parenthood, and I don’t want my name associated with this wicked mess.

Just save your stamps, Planned Parenthood, because every time you send me a thank you letter, it’s going right in the garbage where it belongs. You all can keep butchering babies. I’m going to keep speaking the truth.

In the video's caption, Locke wrote: "PLANNED PARENTHOOD SENT ME A PERSONAL "THANK YOU" AND IT HAS ME LIT." noted in July 2015 that Planned Parenthood (and similar clinics) are allowed to charge fees for the storage and transfer of fetal tissue remains for scientific research under the law. The fact-checking website interviewed three experts who said the organization's fees were reasonable and modest.

Back on Locke's Facebook page, several people commented to say that they were going to donate to Planned Parenthood in his name.

Sources: Pastor Greg Locke/ / Photo Credit: Charlotte Cooper/Flickr

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