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Pastor Tells Women: 'Make Sure The House Is Kept Impeccable' (Video)

Pastor Bill Lytell of the Gospel Baptist Church in Bonita Springs, Florida, recently informed his congregation about the duties of women in the home (video below).

The Friendly Atheist notes that Lytell's message was directed at stay-at-home women who do not have a "secular job." Lytell gave these women the title of "manager," who have a "supervisor" (husband) above them.

Lytell stated:

You are responsible for buying the groceries, make sure there’s food, make sure the house is kept impeccable. You have a hot meal waiting when your husband gets home, have the house all cleaned up, laundry all done, dishes all done, baby all fed, squared away and meet him at the door looking like a million bucks. That’s probably some of the best marriage advice you ever got.

The Gospel Baptist Church website states that Lytell and "his wife, Cathy, have been married for over 39 wonderful years and have one son and three grandchildren."

The site adds, "His preaching is unafraid and absolutely honest. He cuts through the chase, found in so many sermons, and attempts to peel away every layer of the fake and false. Some have said that his sermons will 'knock your socks off.'"

Sources: The Friendly Atheist, / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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