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Pastor Tells Congregation: 'This is a Man’s World!' (Video)

Pastor Bill Lytell recently told his congregation at the Gospel Baptist Church in Bonita Springs, Florida, how this "is a man’s world."

According to the Friendly Atheist, Pastor Lytell mixed those comments in with a mention about a weapon being left in a church bathroom (video below).

Pastor Lytell preached:

That's why we are not ashamed to put the sign out there, "Male Leadership." I know somebody left their weapon in one of our bathrooms, by the way, I had a suggestion today that we put holsters in every stall that way you people who are carrying can just whip your gun out and put it in a holster there.

Pastor Lytell then recalled being interviewed by a reporter recently about his "Male Leadership" church sign.

Pastor Lytell added:

Male leadership, don’t you be ashamed you go to a church with male leadership. Every church that’s right with God oughta have a sign: “Male Leadership.” Because that’s the only kind of leadership, both from Adam all the way to the last part of the Bible. It’s all been male. This is a man’s world! And all the men said…”

The men replied, "Amen.”

According to, Pastor Lytell continued in a longer version (video below):

There aren’t many places that men can even rejoice anymore without feeling about half-ashamed because they try to put you down or sue you or something, but brother this is a man’s world. You can say what you want, you can do what you want, but God made Adam in leadership and it’s going to end with a man in leadership. It doesn’t make men better, it just makes, it's God’s way.

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Image Credit: YouTube


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