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Pastor Tames, Rides Wild Horse as Part of Sermon (Video)

Lawrence Bishop II, the associate pastor of Solid Rock Church, rode and tamed a "wild" horse as part of the church's "Conquer the Beast" event on Sunday.

Bishop, who is also a member of the Christian rock band "Bride," rode the horse for ten minutes in a make-shift rodeo area inside the church. Several pews were removed and dirt was brought in for the horse-friendly sermon, notes The Christian Post (video below).

According to the church's Facebook page, "Many consider a wild bucking horse to be a beast, and it's a simple analogy. When we submit to the master's hand is when we find our purpose and God can bless us. If people don't support the idea itself, hopefully they'll support the motive of doing something unique to win souls to Jesus! God Bless!"

After the horse event, the Lebanon, Ohio church posted on Facebook: "157 souls saved!! Praise God! 465 watched online(our biggest online crowd)!! God is so good!!!!!!"

The Solid Rock Church, which is famous locally for its 50-foot statue of Jesus, will be also hosting a "Solid Rock'n Christmas" concert the weekend before Christmas.

Sources: The Christian Post and Facebook


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