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Pastor Starves Dog For Two Days For Bible Lesson (Video)

A pastor reportedly starved his dog for two days in order to teach a Biblical lesson (video below).

A video, posted to Facebook by TJ Davis on April 17, shows Pastor David Perry, who heads the New Selmont Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, explaining how humans have dominion over animals the same way God has dominion over humans, notes the Friendly Atheist.

Using his hungry dog "Cowboy" as an example, Perry says: "I believe that after you spend some time walking in dominion, everything around you should obey you. Now, I know, Cowboy, I ain't fed him in about two days just for this video. And I know that Cowboy, you're hungry ain't you boy?"

Perry then pours some dog food into a bowl but only allows the dog to eat one bite at a time.

"I know he's gonna obey what I say and not eat this food until I tell him," Perry says. "Now, God said we had dominion. So Cowboy, take a bite, go ahead, take one. That's enough. Just one bite. Take another bite. That's enough."

Perry continues to order the dog to eat and not eat and then praises him:

Thank you boy. You're a good boy. You know the Word of God, it's in your heart. Now, I've got some folks in the world, and they can't do this with God. God tells them to go, they don't.

He tells them to move, they won't. He tells them to praise, they won't. He tells them to pray, they won't.

Now if a dog can obey a man, surely, if we're made in the image of God, created in an image like Him, when the Spirit of God speaks we should obey because the Bible says obedience is better than sacrifice. And there is reward for obedience.

David tells the panting dog to eat all that he wants as a reward.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook, garnering over 1.8 million views and 9,000 shares as of May 12.

Commenters on Facebook were very supportive of the video:

"Love this!!!!"

"Love the analogy. Amen."

"Mr.Davis my daughter actually shared this video We actually live in a small town near Birmingham Alabama when I saw the Video it also touched My Heart dearly Not only did you explain how to plant seeds you actually Planted a Few. Just know you didn't only touch My Heart but the heart of an 18 year old girl that LOVED your message !! Keep planting seeds Mr. Davis."

"I've raised working dogs my whole life. It's healthy to fast a dog a couple days. People are too worried about the dog that is obviously well taken care of to get the point of this [video]."

Sources: Friendly AtheistTJ Davis/Facebook / Photo Credit: Pastor David Perry via YouTube

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