Pastor Rodney Francis Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program

Gun buyback programs are common in St. Louis, but Pastor Rodney Francis, of the Washington Tabernacle Baptist Church, is planning a toy gun buyback this summer.

According to CBS St. Louis, Pastor Francis does not allow his kids to play violent video games, watch gory movies or fire toy weapons.

“My wife and I feel that we need to do everything we can to not allow our kids to get exposed to this too early,” Pastor Francis told CBS St. Louis. “They’re going to get exposed to it, but we can protect them early on so they don’t get a distorted view of what those can do to the human body.

“We want to engage the culture of violence, and one of the strategies that we thought we might be able to use is to educate parents about the danger of allowing kids to continue this access to toy guns and playing with toy guns.”

Pastor Francis says kids or parents would be able to trade their toy guns, swords or other weapons in for a more wholesome toy.

Pastor Francis admits that it can be a challenge for parents to find wholesome distractions, but suggests that a job can do the trick.

Source: CBS St. Louis


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