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Video: Pastor Rick Warren Says Churches "Probably" Contributed to Negative Views of Gays

Megachurch pastor Rich Warren said on CNN this week there was probably a chance that churches had a role in spreading negative views about homosexuals (video below), reports

Warren said: “You know, Jesus taught, as a Christian, I am not allowed to hate anybody. There’s a difference between acceptance and approval. He accepts me, he accepts you unconditionally. He doesn’t approve of everything we do.”

CNN host John Berman asked: “But, pastor, do you think some of our churches are responsible for some of the attitudes towards gays in America, the negative attitudes?”

Warren replied: “Oh, probably. In fact, there are some people who are extremely violent or hateful and hate is never of God, never.”

Warren came out in support of California’s Proposition 8, which would ban gay marriage, in a 2008 video where he said: "There is no need to change the universal, historical definition of marriage to appease 2 percent of our population.”

Warren later claimed that he had never campaigned against Prop 8, but this week told “What I learned from that is that anything I say privately is now public. I would not have made that statement. Because I wanted to talk to my own people. As a duty, as a shepherd, I’m responsible for those who put themselves under my care. I’m not responsible for everybody else.”

Warren has donated millions of dollars to help gay people with AIDS and for research. He has also worked with LGBT groups as well.


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