Pastor: Religion Is Dangerous, Christianity Not Religion (Video)


Pastor E. W. Jackson said on April 13 that religion is dangerous, but Christianity is not because it's not a religion (video below).

Jackson made his comments on his American Family Association radio program while talking about a Muslim man who has reportedly tried to impose Sharia law standards on people in Minneapolis, notes Right Wing Watch.

Jackson asserted that the police would shut the man down if he were a Christian trying to impose beliefs on people.

Jackson expressed how appalled he was that the Muslim man would try to tell women what to wear.

In February, Jackson was upset that black men chose to wear earrings because the accessories were emasculating them, reported Right Wing Watch at the time.

Jackson went on to blame white liberals:

There's movement to deny men their manhood. I really believe that white liberals in particular are much more comfortable with effeminate black men. I really believe that, and I think that does go back to the myth of the hyper-sexual animalistic black male.

Because I really believe that the real racism in America today is to be found in the precincts of white liberals because they really have decided they know what it means to be black better than black people know and if you meet their criteria, then you are okay And if you do not, they’re going to do everything they can to destroy you.

On the April 13 show, Jackson warned that the Muslim man was a "potential time bomb," may be mentally ill, might need to be committed, and should be taken off the street because he could "erupt into an Islamic jihadist, it seems to me, at any moment."

Jackson went on to warn about religion:

Folks, religion is one of the most dangerous things in the world. Religion is. Now some people say, "Exactly, that’s why Christianity is so dangerous." Christianity is not a religion, folks. Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship of God’s people, with Him as father, Jesus as Lord, it is a living relationship.

If Jackson is correct about Christianity not being a religion, then Christian churches would not be able to claim tax exemptions as religious houses of worship.

In more religion news, evangelist Franklin Graham referred to black suspect Steve Stephens, who is accused of being the Cleveland Facebook murderer, as an "animal."

Graham made his comments on April 17 on Facebook:

Join me in praying for the family of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr. who was viciously murdered in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday. I know they are heartbroken. Also pray for the protection of law enforcement as they do whatever it takes to hunt down this animal, and that they will be able to stop him before he harms anyone else.

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2), Franklin Graham/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay

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