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Pastor Pretends He's Been Jailed for Preaching Against Gays (Video)

Pastor Kevin Swanson has released a video trailer for his newest book, Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West, which features him as a prisoner giving an update from his jail cell.

In the book trailer (video below), Pastor Swanson claims that ex-Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has imprisoned him for quoting the Bible verse Leviticus 20:13, which forbids homosexuality, noted

It's an odd claim as Ritter and his wife served as missionaries in Zambia where they set up a food and education center.

According to a glowing review of Apostate by World Net Daily, it sounds as if Pastor Swanson is putting historical figures on trial for supposedly destroying the "Christian West."

Pastor Swanson's targets include: William Shakespeare, Nathanial Hawthorne, Charles Darwin, John Locke, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Friedrich Nietzsche and John Dewey.

Pastor Swanson writes in Apostate:

Nathaniel Hawthorne was the 19th century American literary giant who did more to shift the American culture away from its national Christian heritage than anyone else. His hatred of the Puritans was deeply personal, relentlessly bitter and marginally psychotic.

...Since Shakespeare’s day, the theater and the fine arts have become seedbeds for homosexual themes and homosexual behavior.

However, in reality, there were homosexuals in Greek theater, centuries before Shakespeare.

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