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Pastor: Orlando Was 'God's Wrath' On Gays (Video)

A pastor's church sign in Johnson City, Tennessee, has stirred controversy because of its condemnation of gay people following the June 12 mass shooting attack in Orlando, Florida (video below).

Pastor Jesse Price put this message on a sign at the Beech Cliff Pentecostal Holiness Church: "God’s wrath may be getting started to fall on the gays," notes WBIR.

"It's like the wrath of God is going to start falling upon the gays, that's all it said," Price told WCYB.

"The homosexuals got shot down in Florida," Price added. "It looks like God's wrath is beginning to start pouring down on the gays."

Price said that he has posted other messages directed towards the LGBT community, but insists he has not done so out of malice.

"We are not trying to kill them," Price explained. "I've had a lot of signs up here that said homosexuals need to be saved, but they didn't say anything about that one. The only thing I said here in this one that God's wrath looks like it's going to start being poured out on the gays."

Price insisted that gay people should not be offended by his sign, but one of their supporters said they likely are.

"I have close friends who identify as gay or bisexual or transgender, and I am imagining the pain that they feel every time they see a message that is condemning of them," Kim Bushore-Maki, an alliance of the LGBT community member, told WCYB.

"His intention may have been very good, and just because you have a good intention doesn't mean your words and your actions don't have a major impact," Bushore-Maki added.

Someone later tore down the letters, reports WBIR.

"I would like to invite that pastor to have a conversation with me or with people who identify as gay and hear how his words have hurt us," Bushore-Maki said.

Price insisted that the church supported the sign, and that he is close with members of the LGBT community whom God's wrath is supposedly raining down on.

Sources: WBIR, WCYB / Photo credit: WCYB via YouTube

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