Pastor: Moms Should Stay Home, Kids Should Be Spanked (Video)


Pastor Roger Jimenez told churchgoers at the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California, on May 17 that the U.S. should go back to a time when mothers stayed at home and children got spanked (video below).

Jimenez mocked parents who use timeouts with children as a form of punishment, and told the congregation that God created a padded area on children's bodies to be spanked:

We’d do well if we just got back to the way America used to be, when mom stayed home and children got spanked. And we’re not talking about beating your children. We’re not talking about hitting them in the face. We’re not talking about a fist.

We’re talking about taking that child, pulling down their skirt or their pants. You know that God gave children an area in their body that is extra padded and has a whole lot of nerves... that you could spank that child.

Jimenez told mothers that it was their responsibility to discipline their children, and he advised moms to spank their children properly. Jimenez also warned mothers that if they did not administer corporal punishment, then a cop would when their children turn 18-years-old.

The Friendly Atheist noted in June that Jimenez delivered a controversial sermon celebrating the massacre that took 49 lives at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which served mostly gay patrons:

People say, "Aren’t you sad that 50 sodomites died?" Here’s the problem with that. It’s like the equivalent of asking me, what if you asked me, "Hey, are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?"

Um, no, I think that’s great! I think that helps society! You know, I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight!...

The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die … I’m kind of upset that he didn’t finish the job! Because these people are predators! They are abusers! They take advantage of people! And look, as Christians, we need to take the stand that it is not our job to sit there and say, "Oh, this is a tragedy," or "Oh, this is something we mourn." Look, the Bible paints the picture that these are wicked people. These are evil people.

The Verity Baptist Church website states: "We believe that sodomy (homosexuality) is a sin and an abomination before God which God punishes with the death penalty. No sodomite (homosexual) will be allowed to attend or join Verity Baptist Church."

Sources: Verity Baptist Church/YouTube, Friendly Atheist, Verity Baptist Church / Photo Credit: Hector Amezcua/The Sacramento Bee

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