Pastor Michael R. Jordan Calls Zimmerman Jury Racist on Church Sign


Pastor Michael R. Jordan, of the New Era Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., has caused outrage with two new messages on the church's sign.

On one side, the sign reads: “George Zimmerman jury supported white racism” and on the other side: "Rape a white woman and you will die in prison."

"I put them up [on Sunday] after church," Jordan told "I’m crushed by that racist verdict down in Florida. You can kill an African-American and you will walk down in Florida. With the evidence, there’s no way they could say it was anything but racism by George Zimmerman. I condemn the white pulpits for not taking a stand against racism. They are to blame for this too."

Jordan recalled the recent killings of two black twins, Jonathan and Jeremi Berry, in Wylam, Ala.

"When Stanley Chatman killed the two [Berry] twins, he had already been convicted of robbery and murder, did seven years in prison, killed another person, and got out on $75,000 bond," Jordan said. "He killed one black guy. He pleaded guilty. They reduced it. In March he killed again. He was out on bond when he killed the twins."

He also recalled back in 1983 when seven men kidnapped a white woman at the Baby Doe's Matchless Mine Restaurant, and then raped and sexually tortured her. Three black men are still in jail for the gang rape.

"The Thornton brothers have been locked up 31 years for rape in the Baby Doe's case," Jordan said. "How can the pardon board release murderers after seven or eight years, but keep those brothers in prison for 31 years for raping a white woman?"

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