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Pastor: Men Who Play Video Games Are Losers

Pastor Gene Lingerfelt of the Faith Christian Center in Arlington, Texas, reportedly unloaded on men who play video games on Xbox during a sermon a couple of months ago.

The video to the sermon has recently been password protected on Vimeo, but the Friendly Atheist provided a transcript of Lingerfelt's scolding:

"And don’t even get me started on the Xbox. And all of that. If you have calluses on your thumbs, you’re a loser. If you’re more than 18 years old and you’re still jackin’ around with that stuff...

"I curse that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

"There are young gals in this church. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful young gals, and you know why they can’t get a date? ‘Cause that retarded spirit got onto young men. Amen.

"Some of you women, you have my permission -- blame me. He come home -- I’m talking about your husband come home, and that’s gone. And don’t just throw it in the trash -- he’ll go fish it out -- you gotta put in the bathtub full of water before you throw it in the trash. Now don’t do that while it’s plugged in…"

Lingerfelt supported a shutdown of the federal government in 2013 and made homophobic remarks about President Barack Obama in some tweets that were later deleted, noted the Dallas Observer:

"The #shutdown is what America gets for TWICE electing a petulant child Marxist drama queen for Pres. (Yes, I used 'queen' on purpose.)"

"With Federal Government shut down, does that mean that my tax dollars will stop being sent to the #Al-Qaeda #terrorists in #Syria?"

"With Federal Government shut down, does that mean that my tax dollars will stop being sent to the #PlannedParenthood #terrorists?"

"W/Fed Govt shut down, does that mean that #NASA will no longer be able to work at making Muslims feel better about their Stone Age culture?"

"With Federal Government shut down, does that mean the Department of Education will have to STOP making homosexual porn flicks?"

"Can we shut down the Federal Government until January 2017 when the petulant Marxist man-child has to stop taking Government-paid vacations?"

"When you have a petulant teenage daughter--like Obozo--sometimes an adult just has to take away the car keys."

"Democrats can't have rally. KKK rally at Gettysburg Military Park canceled due to gov't shutdown."

"Liberals are SO stupid, they are now calling NOT spending money (via Govt shut down) 'terrorism.' But Muslim rape, murder & bombing isn't.."

"Had some non-working Govt-dependent Millennial liberals drop me today & send nasty tweets. Oh well, when you make your own $ you don't care."

"Pres O isn't a tough guy. He's the metrosexual who was harassed in school. Now he has power and wants payback."

The Faith Christian Center website sends a more contradictory message:

"No matter what you are facing or going through, God has a wonderful plan for your life. We’ll help you discover that plan, and we’ll teach you how to apply God’s Word to your every day life. The Bible has THE ANSWER--Jesus Christ--to all of life’s challenges! We have unshakeable faith in an unchanging God, and we believe that with God all things are possible.

"At Faith Christian Center, you will experience God's presence and you will hear life-changing messages. Click here to check out our services from last Sunday."

Sources: Friendly AtheistFaith Christian Center, Dallas Observer / Photo credit: Faith Christian Center/Vimeo via Friendly Atheist

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