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Pastor May Be Fined For Helping Homeless (Video)

Pastor Aaron Appling may be facing fines for helping a homeless family in Dover, Delaware (video below).

Appling is in trouble with Kent County officials for allowing Alexis Simms, a 21-year-old homeless mom with lupus, to live in an RV that sits on property owned by Appling's Victory Church.

"We want to stand up for her," Appling told WCAU. "Because there is nobody else to stand up for her."

County officials recently sent Appling a letter that said his church property does not fit the zoning requirements to house homeless people, which could result in a $100 fine per day.

The officials said that the church can re-apply to make their property a campground, but Appling believes that would be too expensive. He is hoping that the officials and the church can reach an agreement before the whopping fines begin.

"We have to choose at some point in time as believers who we’re going to stand for and help," Appling told the news station. "We’re not against them we’re just choosing we need to help this person more than we need to be pleasing to you."

The church got into hot water in September when it announced a plan to house homeless people in tiny houses; Appling created a GoFundMe page to fund the project.

However, that plan to help the homeless is opposed by some neighbors who say the church can't control the human beings who would live there.

Dover residents also fought another tiny houses project back in July, which was supported by a group of advocates, including Appling.

He told the Delaware State News at the time:

What we found is most of the community is not aware of the dire homeless problem. And that’s what we’re doing, raising awareness, because most people … if they knew that there was a big problem, they would be doing everything they could to stop it. Most people would.

But we’re finding that they just don’t realize how dire the problem is or how grave it really is. And so this is helping to expose that, get compassion going, because we believe that people are going to help people.

Sources: WCAU, Delaware State NewsGoFundMe / Photo credit: WCAU via YouTube

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