Pastor Mark Driscoll Compares Nagging Women to Water Torture (Video)


Pastor Mark Driscoll, of the mega-church Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, compared nagging women to water torture during a sermon on Sunday (video below).

Pastor Driscoll was preaching on wifely submission to husbands and referencing Proverbs 27:15 in the Bible, noted

“Proverbs talks about certain women," preached Pastor Driscoll. "They’re like a dripping faucet. You ever tried to sleep with a dripping faucet? Plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk, plunk. It’s what we use to torture people who are prisoners of war. A wife is like that.”

“They’re quarrelsome. They’re a nag. And some women. You’re a nag. You’re disrespectful. You’re quarrelsome. Being married to you is like a life sentence, and the guy’s just scratching on his wall every day.”

Later in his sermon, Pastor Driscoll compared a husband to a police officer writing a motorist, his wife, a ticket.

“All right, if the police officer pulls you over, you can’t say, ‘Hey, we’re equal and you have no right to write me a ticket. In fact, I’m writing you a ticket.’ Actually, we’re now going to practice submission, right?” said Pastor Driscoll.

On January 13, Driscoll suggested that President Obama did not know God, reported

“Praying for our president, who today will place his hands on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know," tweeted Pastor Driscoll.

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