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Pastor Mark Driscoll, Accused of Plagiarism, Tells Non-Christians They're Going to Hell

Pastor Mark Driscoll, of the Mars Hill mega-church in Seattle, has found himself in the headlines lately because of multiple accusations of plagiarism.

While college psychology professor Warren Throckmorton continues to reveal more information about the alleged plagiarism on his blog, Pastor Driscoll has been busy telling Twitter users how non-Christians are going to hell, notes The Christian Post.

Pastor Driscoll tweeted last Friday: "If you are not a Christian, you are going to hell. It's not unloving to say that. It's unloving to not say that."

Not surprisingly, Pastor Driscoll was shredded by Twitter users in response.

@almightygod tweeted, "@PastorMark Isn't threatening non-Christians with hell sort of like threatening adults with coal in their xmas stocking?"

@hemantmehta added, "But if you're a sanctimonious plagiarist, you're going to heaven?"

@CaptnAtheist told Pastor Mark, "I guess I really show my love for you by the same token when I tell you you're a total a--hole at life then."

@Oh_Jacquline fired back, "I'd rather go to hell then spend eternity in the same place as you."

Pastor Driscoll was asked by The Christian Post about his tweet about hell, refused to comment.

Author Ben Irwin posed an interesting question on his blog for Pastor Driscoll, "So here's my question for Pastor Mark Driscoll: If hell is so important to the gospel, why is it never mentioned in the book of Acts [in the Bible]?"

"...In these eight sermons, there is not one mention of hell. In fact, hell is completely absent from the whole book," added Irwin. "Judgment is mentioned once or twice, but the nature of judgment? It's never part of their gospel proclamation."

"So why does Mark Driscoll think hell is essential to his gospel proclamation? Why does he feel compelled to say something the first evangelists never needed to say? Isn't that 'adding to the gospel?'" asked Irwin.

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