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Pastor Leads Anti-Impeachment Prayer For Trump (Video)

Pastor Lance Wallnau tried pray away the possibility of impeachment against President Donald Trump on June 12 (video below).

Wallnau prayed for Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was scheduled to testify at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, notes Right Wing Watch:

We’re thanking you, Lord, for Donald Trump. We pray that a grace will come upon him now. Jeff Sessions, tomorrow, pray that he'll be the bulletproof monk, in Jesus name, that every word will be articulated wisely and shrewdly, that there will be an angel editing what comes out of his mouth, and equally, Father, I pray that you will take the chariot wheels of the pharaoh and they'll start to come off, in Jesus name, the questioning will fall apart!

Wallnau attacked Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona for criticizing Trump, and prayed that God would align "people in Washington with your agenda and those that aren’t aligned, I thank you, Lord, that you shall bring up those in their place who will be aligned."

Wallnau also prayed for “confusion upon the enemies of your purposes” and a "wrecking ball anointing to go after, Lord, this witch hunt" against Trump.

Wallnau then directly prayed against the possible impeachment of Trump: "Tapes, obstruction of justice, impeach; we cut off every word, in Jesus name! Tapes, dissolve away. Obstruction of justice, melt away. Impeachment, bye bye, in Jesus name."

Evangelist Franklin Graham also defended Trump on his Facebook page June 15 by calling the Russia-Trump investigation a "huge distraction":

Right now, the President’s enemies are frothing at the mouth as they come after him on anything he proposes. These investigations and probes related to Russia are a huge distraction, a huge drain on our nation’s forward movement.

We have many bigger problems. We need to focus on vitally significant issues like fixing America’s healthcare, rebuilding our nation’s military, securing our borders, and getting our economy un-stuck. Let’s make sure Washington hears that we want them to drop the "let’s get even" mentality and work together for the good of the country.

To back up his defense of the president and his opposition to the probes of the Trump campaign's possible collision with the Russian government, Graham quoted the words of Jesus Christ:

What America needs is more love. Not what Hollywood calls love (sex), but the love that Jesus teaches about in the Bible -- He said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…" (Matthew 5:44). This is the kind of love our country -- and Washington, both Democrat and Republican -- needs a lot more of.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Franklin Graham/Facebook / Photo credit: Michael Rastetter/Flickr

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