Pastor Lance Lewis Says Evangelical Churches Need to Repent for Racism

Pastor Lance Lewis, of Christ Redemption Fellowship in Philadelphia, recently spoke at the Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. where he addressed racism against black people by evangelical Christianity.

Pastor Lewis recalled when he studied to become an ordained pastor by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), he was required to research church history and learned of racism in the denomination's past.

In the 1960s and 70s, Pastor Lewis said America's culture began to change on race and evangelical churches went silently along with those changes, reported ChristianPost.com.

"Rather than repent of our sin ... and examine, how did we get there? So we don't repeat the same thing," Pastor Lewis said. "We became indifferent."

Pastor Lewis claimed that because evangelical churches did not engage in repentance, "it's preventing us now, from the pursuit of unity. If we do not begin this pursuit of unity for the sake of the Gospel... I wonder if we will even have a gospel witness coming from the evangelical church."

"But I do wonder, if we fail to look up to and live out the calling that we've received to pursue unity, as a consequence and as a benefit and as a blessing of the Gospel, if we back off of that opportunity to show something beautiful about the Gospel and about Jesus Christ, will He work through us, or will we be simply passed by, to continue to play and worship in our own little shallow, private ghettos while God uses others to pursue his witness?"

Source: ChristianPost.com


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