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Pastor Kevin Swanson Slams Halloween, Traces it Back to Noah's Flood (Audio)

Pastor Kevin Swanson has come up with numerous conspiracy theories on his "Generations Radio" show, and he didn't disappoint his audience yesterday when he linked Halloween all the way back to Noah's flood in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

In reality, Halloween only goes back to 1745 and was actually started by Christians, who had a feast on "All Hallows' Day" to recall departed saints (also called "hallows"), martyrs and other believers.

There's no actual mention of Halloween anywhere in the Bible, but Pastor Swanson created one, noted Right Wing (audio below).

"Americans are celebrating Halloween and dressing up like demons and witches and pirates," said Pastor Swanson. "They are not celebrating Halloween as its been celebrated for 1600 years under Christian influence."

"They are celebrating the day of the dead, so you need to understand why you're celebrating it," added Pastor Swanson. "It's a pagan holiday. It goes way back and it's got parallel routes that it took in various parts of the world and all of them trace back to the Flood when God destroyed the world and saved eight people."

Pastor Swanson then claimed that Noah's son Ham and his family rejected God and were only "interested in celebrating the departed souls and spirits of those who had vanquished in the Flood."

"So friends it's a celebration of the dead, it's not a remembrance of the saints, it's not a remembrance of Noah, it's not a remembrance of the God of judgment," concluded Pastor Swanson.

Ironically, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who is normally offended as often as Pastor Swanson, defended Halloween on Fox News (video below, 3:15 mark).

"Get over it, we live in the United States of America, 2013, let the little kids have fun," said Donohue. "Quite frankly, I think this is hyper ventilating about nothing. They sound to me almost as irrational as the atheists do."

Sources: Wikipedia and Right Wing


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