Pastor Jim Garlow 'Would Rather Die in the Battle' Than Live Under Transgender Law (Audio)


Pastor Jim Garlow was a vocal opponent against gay marriage in California with his strong support of Proposition 8, which was ultimately overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pastor Garlow and the conservative Capitol Resource Institute  are now leading the charge against a California law that protects transgender children from discrimination. The law allows children to self-identify their gender, use the restroom of their choice and play on school sports teams of their choice.

The Capitol Resource Institute has set up an online petition to get 750,000 signatures to place the transgender law on the ballot so that California voters can repeal it.

During a recent webcast, Pastor Garlow told his fellow pastors to be "prophets" and fight the transgender law, even if they have to die, notes (audio below).

"I would rather die in the battle for truth than continue living under the chaos and tyranny that is coming upon us. And so some things are worth dying for, whether it's in our own emotions or in our own ambitions or whether it's actual, physical death," said Pastor Garlow.

"Some things are worth standing for and it's time for us to stand up. We're coming into a season of intensified persecution, we all see it, we all know it, discerning people grasp it. So be it."



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