Pastor Jeffrey Williams Charged for Trying to Seduce High School Girl (Video)

Pastor Jeffrey Williams of the Church of Corinth in Corinth, Texas, has been charged with “attempted sexual performance of a child” for allegedly trying to coerce a high school girl to take her clothes off (video below).

According to WFAA-TV, the alleged crime was recorded on audio, which was turned into the  Texas Department of Family and Protective Services on April 4, who then called police.

Williams is heard on the audio recording asking the girl to undress so that he can see "eye candy," according to the police affidavit. Williams allegedly used a chair to block the door when she resisted.

“He tried to entice her to take her clothes off so he could see her naked body,” stated Corinth Police Captain Greg Wilkerson. “There may be an additional victim out there. We’re trying to contact her now.”

“We have no knowledge of nor any reason to suspect any inappropriate behavior,” Church of Corinth spokesperson David Fink told CBS Dallas-Ft. Worth. “We intend to and will fully investigate the allegations, and we will fully cooperate with the authorities. Our prayers go out to this family of our church.”

Captain Wilkerson told the Dallas Morning News that the attempted assault took place in the victim’s home on March 30, but would not identify the victim because of her age.

Williams posted a $10,000 bond and was released from the Denton County Jail.

Sources: WFAA-TV, CBS Dallas-Ft. Worth, Dallas Morning News


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