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Pastor: Houston's Lesbian Mayor Is In 'Web Of Her Darkness' (Video)

Early voting on the Nov. 3 ballot has begun in Houston, and there's a lot of controversy surrounding Proposition 1, which would restore the Houston Equal Right’s Ordinance (HERO) previously passed by the city council and Mayor Annise Parker, but later repealed by the Texas Supreme Court (video below).

Pastor Dave Welch, one of five Houston pastors leading the fight against Prop. 1, slammed Parker on Oct. 26 during the anti-gay Stand4Truth conference in Salt Lake City, notes Right Wing Watch:

The mayor, who lies about everything from the beginning, and she’s still lying about this, it’s just who she is. She is literally one of those that is caught in the snare in the web of her darkness and her condition. I pray, and we do pray for her, that God delivers her and sets her free from that. But we’re going to make sure she does it after, that she’s not mayor of Houston anymore, along the way, because we will not allow that to happen.

On the other side of the debate, actress Sally Field appeared in Houston to advocate for Prop 1, reports KHOU.

“There are 15 different categories of people that it protects," Field said at a fundraiser, according to KHOU. "I fit into many of those categories. And this is my country, this our fight to bring about equality as a right for everyone.”

Field, who has a gay son, attacked the claim by opponents that Prop. 1 will enable sexual predators to enter women's restrooms: "It’s a lie. It’s a lie, it’s a lie, it’s a lie. That’s all you can say.”

Sources: Right Wing Watch, KHOU, Stand4Truth / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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