Pastor Greg Walker Bans Boy Scouts from Church Because of Gay Vote (Video)

The Boy Scouts of America will no longer be allowed to meet at the First Baptist Church of Helena in Helena, Alabama, says Pastor Greg Walker (video below).

Pastor Walker says the Boy Scouts are supporting a “sinful lifestyle” by allowing openly-gay scout members to join.

“It’s hard on a personal level to say to a troop of young boys who have done nothing wrong and to the leaders, ‘You’re not welcome here,’” Pastor Walker told Fox 6. “I didn’t make the decision, Boy Scouts of America did.”

However, moments later, Pastor Walker admitted he did make the decision to ban the scouts: “It’s an issue as a church pastor and Christian that I can’t allow a group to openly support a sinful lifestyle under the umbrella of First Baptist Helena. I hate that this had to happen, I really do.”

Pastor Walker did not mention that the Boy Scouts of America does not allow sexual activity during meetings or activities.

On their website, the Boy Scouts of America stated on May 23:

The resolution also reinforces that scouting is a youth program, and any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, by youth of scouting age is contrary to the virtues of scouting.

The Greater Alabama Council of Boy Scouts said in a statement: “Early on in this process we decided to make a very strong commitment that if something like this did come up we would continue to support our units in finding and having somewhere to meet."

“I warned Scouting executives that this would happen, and they supposedly realized it would happen, but they thought they would gain more,” Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page told ABC News. “I assured them that if your goal is to minister to the largest number of youth, those were their words, then changing this is going to be a detriment to your goal.”

Sources: Scouting.orgFox 6, ABC News


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