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Pastor Gives Away AR-15 Assault Rifle at Church (Video)

Rev. John Koletas defended raffling away an AR-15 assault-style rifle at the Grace Baptist Church in Troy, N.Y., yesterday.

“This is doing exactly what we’ve always done for the last 2,000 years since Jesus walked the shores of Galilee,” Koletas told WNYT (video below).

However, Koletas failed to note anywhere in the Bible in which a weapon was ever given away in a place of worship.

“Yes, is it unusual,” said Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, Republican, who spoke at the service. “Is it illegal? Absolutely not. And it's not unethical either. And the people have every right to support the second amendment. I hope everybody does.”

“I believe it’s the right of the individual," the gun winner, Ron Stafford, told the New York Daily News. "I believe the church and our God-given rights and our rights to follow the Constitution go hand in hand."

When asked if Jesus Christ would carry a gun, Stafford stated, “I can’t answer that question, I’m not Jesus. I believe in my personal thoughts and to speak for him wouldn’t be very Christian of me.”

But Stafford did slam the U.S. media for "demonizing" guns in a country that has more guns and gun deaths than any other developed nation, noted ABC News.

Stafford will have to go undergo a background check before collecting his weapon.

Because the turnout was so large yesterday, Koletas is planning to give away another AR-15 tonight at church.

Sources: New York Daily News, WNYT, ABC News


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