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Pastor: Give Your Wife $1,000 To Get Her Ready For Sex (Video)

Pastor: Give Your Wife $1,000 To Get Her Ready For Sex (Video) Promo Image

Pastor John Gray recently told an audience at an event, MegaFest 2017, how to get their wives ready to have sex (video below).

Gray, who works at Pastor Joel Olsteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, explained his method in a video that was posted by T.D. Jakes Ministries' Facebook page on June 30:

Every woman in here, at some point, wants a man to come home and say, "Babe, here’s $1,000. Go get your nails done. Get your hair done. Get a pedicure. Get a manicure. Here’s a box. Open this. Wear this when I get home."

Nothing is in it. She’s like, "There’s nothing here."

"Exactly. Have that on when I get home. The bills are paid. The kids are covered. I prayed over you. Now, handle what you need to handle so we can have a nice night." Put on Luther Vandross. Put on Luther. And let’s do what we need to do. Because that’s what a woman wants, and she should want it, because God made it that way.

The Museum of Idolatry, a Christian blog, questioned Gray's advice:

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A wife should be given $1000 from her husband to get her hair and nails done because God made it that way. Who would even dare assert something like that? What venue would allow such a speaker?...What kind of world are these people living in where you just toss $1000 at your wife to get her hair and nails done? This points to the excess of their lifestyle, often at the fleecing of their own flock and followers. All done in the name of Jesus of course...

Messages like these promoted by T.D. Jakes and John Gray grossly misrepresent Christianity. Instead of crucifying the flesh, they feed it mammon on steroids.

However, folks posting on comments on T.D. Jakes Ministries' Facebook page had a different take:

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Yes in deed.

I want a man!! I am like (Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls every woman wants a man ) a man can do so much!!

Good message.

Amen Preach The Truth Pastor Gray.

Yes Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen! A good provider and lover you better belive it preach!

There was also a dissenter in the comments:

I have issues in this department. I make my own money, don't need anybody else's money. I don't do manicures, pedicures, or go get my hair done (I wash it myself). I don't need a man to tell me to put on nothing (I'm a natural nudist at home). If I can't repair it I have a home warranty. IJS and for the females that this works for, go for it, I'm not knocking it; It just doesn't work for me, that's all I'm saying.

Sources: T.D. Jakes Ministries/Facebook, Museum of Idolatry / Photo credit: Miguel/Flickr, DCuTtEr/Wikimedia Commons, Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons

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