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Pastor: Gays 'Deserved Stoning' In The Bible, Women Cannot Be Preachers (Video)

Pastor Ben Bailey claimed on the "The Gospel of Christ" TV program on Aug. 16 that a "liberal society" was to blame for people attending liberal churches, and that the Bible advocated stoning gay people (video below).

Speaking at the Central Church of Christ in McMinnville, Tennessee, Bailey lamented that people are choosing liberal churches with "relaxed and liberal views" on gay marriage, homosexuals and women preaching from the pulpit, notes

Bailey added that homosexuals deserved stoning as punishment, based on two verses in the Old Testament, reports

Bailey said:

"This book (Bible) does not condone things like women preaching. In Timothy 2:11-12, Paul said, 'I do not permit a woman preach or to be in authority over a man,' that’s not according to the Bible, if I’m out to please God, we don’t find things like that in the Bible.

"God does not approve of homosexuality or gay marriage. The scripture says in Romans 1:26-28 that that is 'vile, unnatural and deserving of a penalty.' Leviticus 18-22 and 2013, 'It’s an abomination,' that under the Old Testament, deserved stoning.

"And so, is our God, the God of Bible, wanting us to go somewhere where it’s liberal, relaxed views and anything goes. No, that’s the effect of a very liberal society and we need to make sure that such is not the idea or the mindset of God."

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