Pastor: Educate Trump On 'LGBTQ Radical Agenda' (Video)


Pastor Jim Garlow of the Skyline Church in San Diego said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs to educated about the "LGBTQ radical agenda" that is supposedly attacking "religious liberty" (video below).

Garlow made his comments in an interview with American Family Radio host Sandy Rios, who aired the segment on Aug. 26, Right Wing Watch notes.

Garlow recalled a meeting he and other conservative Christian evangelical leaders attended three weeks ago in New York City with Trump:

Donald Trump referred to religious liberty a number of times. He has a high sensitivity to that issue. He knows Christians are being beheaded in the Middle East. He knows Christians are losing their rights and privileges, First Amendment, here in this country. However, I was on a panel right after he left and I said someone will need to help him connect the dots between religious liberty, what’s causing it, overwhelmingly, is the LGBTQ radical agenda that’s pressed upon us...

...I did radio interviews for Alliance Defending Freedom, my little one-minute commentaries, and fifty percent of them just cover lawsuits of Christians being sued all across America. You're aware of all these cases being sued over one issue that they're trying to stand for marriage, that marriage is one man and one woman. And that is at the epicenter of most of the loss of our religious liberty at the present time.

It's not clear what lawsuits Garlow was referring to or what religious liberties have been lost for Christians, but in August 2013 he told Christian radio host Janet Mefferd that if same-sex marriage were legalized in the U.S., then Christians would "be forced underground," reported Right Wing Watch at the time:

If same-sex so-called marriage is established as the law of the land, many of the people who are listening to my voice right now, not maybe immediately, but at some point in the future, if they are followers of Christ, will be forced underground. Their buildings will be taken away from them, many of their rights will be taken away from them.

In March 2015, Garlow warned rally-goers in Washington D.C. that the U.S. Supreme Court would become a "laughingstock" to the world if it legalized same-sex marriage, noted Right Wing Watch:

This Supreme Court, if they try to change that definition, will be laughed at, they’ll be scoffed at ... And this whole concept of so-called same-sex marriage will be on the ash heap of history and the Supreme Court will be the laughingstock of historians and the world. They cannot change what God has established.

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2) (3) / Photo Credit: Skyline Church

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