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Pastor Creates Halloween Alternative: JesusWeen

While many Christians oppose Halloween, Pastor Paul Ade in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, came up with an alternative: JesusWeen, also known as Jesus Win.

Ade claims he got the idea from God when he passed out copies of the New Testament to children who came trick-or-treating to his home for candy on Halloween, notes Religion News Service.

The Halloween substitute has become a "global initiative to ensure non-Christians receive educational materials about Jesus," states the JesusWeen website.

"Since 2002 over a million Christian gifts have been given to neighbors, strangers and friends on October 31st," the site adds.

The "gifts" are described as "tracts, bibles and other Christian gifts."

The website says the word "ween" means "expect, think or believe," and adds, "We therefore see October 31st as a day to expect a gift of salvation and re-think receiving Jesus."

However, the kids may still expect some candy.

Sources: Religion News Service, / Image Credit: JesusWeen Logo


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