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Pastor Compares Women Who Have Premarital Sex to 'Filthy Dishrags' (Video)

Pastor Paul Chappell of the Lancaster Baptist Church in California recently compared women who engage in premarital sex to "filthy dishrags."

“One wonders, 'Whatever happened to purity?'” Pastor Chappell asked his congregation, noted (video below).

“Whatever happened to that?" added Pastor Chappell. "Whatever happened to the days when girls said, 'I’m not going to be touched by every guy? I’m not going to walk down the aisle like a filthy dishrag on my wedding day.' Whatever happened to that day?”

Pastor Chappell also described his modesty rule for women.

"There’s a reason when ladies come up here to sing that the rule, if you want to use it, the standard, I don’t care what you call it, call it legalism, call it control, I don’t care what you call it, there is a standard in this church that the dresses are going to come down to the knee when a lady stands up here,” stated Pastor Chappell.

Later he shouted, “You come to the house of God, it ought not to be a flesh show! It ought to be a place where Jesus is lifted high and his holiness is remembered!”

In 2009, the City of Lancaster named Pastor Chappell their "citizen of the year" for 2008.

“No one is more responsible for the success of the Antelope Valley War on Gangs than Pastor Chappell," stated Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris during a City Council meeting. "He got the resources together captured everyone’s attention and recruited the involvement needed to help the Antelope Valley turn the corner in making our community safe again."

However, the City of Lancaster states on its website that it is still fighting gangs with its "Operation Safe Streets" police program on a page that was last updated on Nov. 14. 2014.

Sources:, City of Lancaster


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