Pastor: Life Is Harder Than Iranian Imprisonment (Video)


Pastor Saeed Abedini spent nearly three years locked in an Iranian prison before being released in January. During a March 30 interview, Abedini admitted his life has been worse than prison because of marriage troubles reported in the media (video below).

Saeed, who lives in Boise, Idaho, became an international Christian celebrity while locked up in Iran, but his wife, Naghmeh, filed a domestic relations motion against him soon after he returned to the U.S. She has said publicly and written on Facebook that there has been abuse in her marriage, notes The Christian Post.

"I can say my life after I got released is harder than when I was in prison because of the media and all the false accusations," Saeed told KIVI.

"But I believe that's a new battle that Satan started against me," Saeed added. "And He wants to stop me preaching the Gospel and be a good witness for God."

Saeed was asked about his relationship with his wife:

We are working on our marriage. There are so many different pastors and counselors involved. We are working on our marriage. But it's not as good as I thought it should be. It's harder than I imagined, actually.

So, in this point, my marriage relationship is not good at all, but I'm trying to do my best. My counselor told me, "You did the best that you could do. Just right now, just pray and surrender everything to God."

The things that people need to know is that is the things that are on the media about me are completely false accusations.

Naghmeh refused to comment to KIVI, but took to Facebook on March 14 to comment on her relationship with Saeed:

At this point Saeed has not been willing to join me in getting counseling on the abuse which has been a big part of our life together. Once the abuse has been addressed, then that will open the way for us to get marriage counseling on the more common marrital issues.

I hope that Saeed can address the abuse as soon as possible so that our family can move towards reconciliation and healing. With birthdays and holidays coming up and for the sake of our children, no one longs for reconciliation for our family more than me.

As far as his future plans, Saeed told KIVI that he is writing a book, speaking at churches and hoping that America will turn back to God.

(Note: Saeed speaks about his marriage at the 19:00 mark. His remarks above have been edited for clarity.)

Sources: The Christian Post, KIVI, Naghmeh Abedini/Facebook / Photo credit: KIVI/YouTube

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