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Pastor Claims Christian Accountants Are Persecuted By Gay People (Video)

Conservative Christian radio host Kevin Swanson lamented on Oct. 23 that Christian accountants are persecuted by homosexuals because they (the accountants) must file forms (video below).

Swanson, who is also a pastor, made his comments on the American Family Radio’s (AFA) “Today’s Issues” radio program, while promoting the Freedom 2015 conference in Des Moines, Iowa, on Nov. 6-7, reports

Swnson told AFA radio host and president Tim Wildmon about the supposed wide-spread persecution of Christians by gay people:

It's happening all over the place. It's not just guys, you know, not making cakes for homosexual weddings, it's also the flower shops up in Washington State.

It's accountants who refuse to submit forms for homosexual couples. It's lawyers. It's pastors. It's chaplains.

It's anybody who is a Christian and anybody who owns a Christian business, or is a Christian employee. Your job is at stake, your company is at stake.

You could very well be fined hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, if you don't hire a certain homosexual to serve in your Christian school or fill in the blank.

Swanson gave no actual examples of Christians being under fire for not hiring gay people at religious institutions, but did predict darker days:

So, we’re looking at a massive increase in persecution. In fact, religious broadcasting will be highly, highly threatened in the years to come if religious stations, radio stations, refuse to give equal time to homosexuals on the basis of sexual orientation.

Swnason offered no evidence for that claim either, but continued:

So, we’re all at stake.You know, and if you don’t want your pastor in jail, if you want your religious radio station still broadcasting, if you want your job and if you’re a Christian, you had better take this matter seriously in the 2016 elections.

The next Supreme Court justices appointed by the next president will be, I think, the determining factor as to whether or not we will live in a highly socialist country in which Christians are persecuted or if we are going to remain free as Christians in the marketplace and in our churches.

While Swanson lamented the alleged present and future persecution of Christians, he has, in the past, fondly mentioned how homosexuals used to be put to death. reported that Swanson stated on his radio show in 2012:

A Christian perspective ultimately brought the death penalty upon homosexuality between roughly 350 AD and roughly 1850 or so, for about 1,500 years that form of life had pretty much been eliminated except here and there.

In 2013, Swanson said on his show: "I would say the general equity of a law in the Old Testament that says that homosexuals should be put to death would be to frown on homosexuality," noted

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