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Pastor: Christians Not Committing Terror Attacks (Video)

Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas told Fox Business on Oct. 5 that Christians have not committed recent terrorist attacks, but Muslims have (video below).

Jeffress made his assertion in an effort to justify his opposition to Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.:

No Christian, no human being can look at the situation in Syria and not feel compassion for the suffering Syrians. There are many things we can do and should do as a nation, but allowing un-vettable refugees into our country is not one of them ... We have no idea who these people really are.

This false assertion has been debunked numerous times going back as far as November 2015 by TIME, which published a detailed article about the Syrian refugee screening process, which takes an average of between eighteen to 24 months, and allows only about half of the refugees entrance.

Jeffress went on to imply that Americans' lives come first, which appears to be at odds with Jesus' teachings about laying down one's life for another in John 15:13.

"Let's do whatever we can to help, without putting our own people at risk," Jeffress said.

Host Stuart Varney asked Jeffress how the U.S. would look if seven or eight percent of the population was Muslim, and the megachurch pastor replied:

It would be far different than it is today. And look, let's all say, "We know the the majority of Muslims are peace loving individuals," but the truth is all the recent terror attacks that we've had in our country, whether its Orlando, or Fort Hood, or San Bernardino have not been committed by Christians shouting out "Jesus Christ is great," they have all been committed by radicalized Muslims shouting out, "Allah is great." We cannot ignore that reality Stuart.

Dylann Roof, a white man who killed nine people in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, was a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Columbia.

"He was on the roll of our congregation," Rev. Tony Metze told The Huffington Post.

Planned Parenthood gunman Robert Dear, a white, self-identified Christian, who confessed to killing three people and wounding nine in 2015, said in February 2016 that he was on a "righteous crusade."

Jeffress went on to advise President Obama to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop supporting Syria, which Obama has done. Jeffress also called for Americans to elect a president to deal decisively with ISIS, which he argues the current president has not done.

Pres. Obama has beenbombing ISIS since 2014 and has reportedlyweakened the terrorist organization.

Sources: Fox Business via YouTube, The Huffington Post, TIME / Photo Credit: Fox Business via YouTube

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