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Pastor: Christians Could Be Jailed For Opposing To 'Homosexual Sex' Lessons In Schools (Video)

Pastor Carl Gallups claimed in October that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage violated the First Amendment, and that Christian parents could be jailed or sued for speaking out against their children being taught the "mechanics of homosexual sex" in schools (video below).

Gallups made his extraordinary claims during an interview on the End Times radio program “Understanding the Times,” notes

Gallups stated:

And I’m telling you, something very illegal, unconstitutional, prophetic and a little frightening for people that don’t understand the times in which we’re living, happened June of this year with the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling. Because, in effect, here’s what they’ve done. They have created a new religious doctrine in America.

In other words, the Bible says gay marriage is an abomination. The Islamic religion says gay marriage is an abomination. Judaism says homosexuality is an abomination, so the three largest monotheistic religions on the world, and I know there's debate about Islam being monotheistic, but the three largest monotheistic religions in the world, the U.S. Supreme Court said, "No, we’re rewriting that."

And so it’s targeted at Christians because America is largely a Christian nation in that the vast majority of our population says we're Christian, we're not Islamists, we're not Buddhists, etc..

Basically, the Supreme Court violated, trampled the First Amendment and now says "You have to spit upon the word of God or we could put you in jail." Ask Kim Davis. Or we could put you put of business.

Ask the flower shop owners, ask the cake bakers. Or we could perhaps subpoena your sermons, ask the pastors in Texas, where the mayor attempted to do that before the Supreme Court decision.

However, in reality, the U.S. Supreme Court never rewrote any religion, established any religion, or made any requirement that anyone spit on a Bible under the threat of jail. The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling was regarding civil marriage in America.

Davis and Christian business owners have not been ordered not to discriminate against gay people. The pastors in Houston, Texas, were initially lawfully subpoenaed by the city regarding their political organizing efforts to gather signatures for a petition to repeal Houston's HERO ordinance, which extended equal rights protection to people based on sexual orientation and gender identity, reported the Houston Chronicle in 2014.

Undeterred by the facts, Gallups continued: "And not only that, but we’re soon going to be teaching our children in school the mechanics of homosexual sex. Because they’re already teaching the mechanics of heterosexual sex, and now that the Supreme Court has said it’s legal, so as a Christian parent, if you dare to speak against that, you could be sued or put in jail.”

However, there are no laws that could jail Christian parents for speaking out against sex education.

Gallups told SkyWatchTV News in August that Christians had to be prepared for the "day of evil," and warned about prophetic the "rise" of Islam and ISIS and "terrorism coming to our own shores." However, the U.S., ISIS and the rise of Islam are not mentioned in the Bible (video below).

Gallups also claimed that racial division was being propped up by some people in the media and the government, but failed to mention any names. The news host said that civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, was caused by outside agitators. The men then warned about a civil disturbances happening in Christians' hometowns, but made no mention of the civil demonstrations in Ferguson being caused by a police shooting of an unarmed black man.

Sources:, Houston Chronicle, SkyWatchTV News via YouTube / Photo Credit: SkyWatchTV News Screenshot

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