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Pastor Brags About Escaping Car Accident, Wife Has Spinal Fractures

Evangelist and pastor Dr. Phil Kidd was in a serious car accident on May 3, but came out unscathed, unlike his wife.

According to his Facebook profile, Kidd works at the Emmaus Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee.

He posted a picture of his car accident on Facebook and wrote:

"This is what my new Jaguar looked like Sunday night after rolling 4 1/2 times at 65 miles an hour down the interstate... BUT LISTEN TO THIS...It never messed up my hair. It never unbuttoned my suit coat. It never even moved my Mont Blonc (sic) pen from my shirt pocket. Sheltered In The Arms Of God..."

His wife Leslie sustained serious injuries, according to her Facebook page:

"I saw the spinal surgeon on Tuesday afternoon and I have a fracture in my C-6 & C-7 vertebrae. I will be in a neck brace for at least the next 6 weeks. There is some swelling in my left shoulder causing numbness and tingling down my arm. He said it would go away with time. I am semi-confined to the house and I am not allowed to drive."

Many commenters on the couple's Facebook pages have praised Kidd and said that his wife was under the protection of God.

A few have questioned why Kidd bragged about not being hurt and why he has such as fancy car, a sentiment echoed by

"Why does an evangelist drive a Jaguar and write with a Mont Blanc pen? But more to the point, why would any decent human being brag about their hair not being messed up when their wife has serious and painful injuries? Was she not sheltered in the arms of God or does she just really not matter?"

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Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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