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Kim Davis' Lawyer: Criminalize Abortion In Oklahoma

Mat Staver (pictured with wife Anita Staver), the lawyer for Kim Davis, announced on May 20 that his Christian-based law firm, Liberty Counsel, is one of the forces behind a bill in the Oklahoma state Senate that would charge doctors with a felony if they perform an abortion. The only exception to the charge would be if the procedure is performed to protect the life of the mother--not in instances of rape or incest.

In a press release on the Liberty Counsel website, the law firm states that the bill was written by Republican state Sen. Nathan Dahm and was "initiated by a local pastor, Paul Blair, with the support and guidance of Liberty Counsel."

Staver says in the release:

Life begins at conception. Preborn children are in fact children, not merely fetuses, and their lives should be protected from the moment of conception. This bill is a very positive step toward affirming the value of human life by taking away [the] ability to murder children. Liberty Counsel stands ready to defend this legislature if it is challenged. reported in March that Blair is a former professional football player who now pastors a church in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The website noted that Blair supported efforts at a Christian conference called "The Awakening" to convince states to defy the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage.

According to, Blair also has a ministry called "Reclaiming America for Christ," which supports a movement called "Protect Life and Marriage" that is "dedicated to the proposition that the state of Oklahoma has federal and state constitutional authority to (1) protect the institution of natural, traditional marriage and; (2) protect innocent, unborn children from abortion; and that in the face of unjust, unlawful U.S. Supreme Court actions it is time for Oklahoma to exercise this authority."

Blair has reportedly stated: "We are not 320 million people ruled by five nonelected attorneys. The federal government does not have unlimited power, and they do not have the ability to determine the limits of their own power …"

In 2015, Blair stated to The New American, published by the John Birch Society (a group that opposed the civil rights movement in the 1960s):

Oklahoma lawfully amended its state Constitution in 2004 to incorporate God’s definition of marriage. There’s no place in the U.S. Constitution where we delegated to Washington the authority to redefine marriage in our state. In fact, according to the 10th Amendment (which is part of the U.S. Constitution) that authority clearly remains with us.

Our governor, attorney general, and legislators have all sworn oaths to uphold the constitutions of the State of Oklahoma and the United States. We call upon them to uphold their oaths of office and ignore the U.S. Supreme Court’s unlawful Obergefell opinion. In fact, we want Oklahoma to be a “sanctuary state” for marriage, life and the Constitution.

Sources: Liberty Counsel, / Photo credit: Liberty Counsel

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