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Pastor On 'Beauty And The Beast': Inter-Species Breeding (Video)

Pastor Kevin Swanson accused the new live action feature film "Beauty and the Beast" of promoting "inter-species breeding" on his "Generations" radio show on March 24 (video below).

According to Right Wing Watch, Swanson was also upset that the fictional film had a gay character, which he said was part of an effort to "homosexualize the next generation of eight and ten-year-old kids."

Swanson warned that the "insidious" Disney movie film had an "explicit homosexual scene," and added that it was a PG movie because the filmmakers wanted to make sure that "the entire family was indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle at the same time."

Swanson went on to compare the film to the Chinese communist revolution:

This is revolutionary my friends. This is how revolutions take place. You are in the middle of a cultural revolution in the United States of America. No, this is not the cultural revolution that Mao Tse-tung brought to China. This is a different kind of cultural revolution, but I’m going to say it’s just about as dangerous … though a bit more insidious.

Later in his show, Swanson accused the film of promoting "inter-species breeding," which he said was akin to the "Star Trek: Into Darkness" film that had "inter-species fornication."

Swanson then dated "inter-species breeding" back to the TV episodes of "Star Trek" in the 1960s.

Swanson asserted that people who believe that evolution is true "cannot argue against inter-species breeding and bestiality," but Christians must:

Christians, I don’t believe, can allow for this. ... Humans are made in the image of God. Humans are assigned a spouse which happens to be a member of the opposite sex. Friends, God’s law forbids it. ... But Christians should not allow for this, man. We cannot allow for humans to interbreed with other species. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s confusion, it's sinful, it’s unnatural.

During a broadcast on March 23, Swanson slammed pastors who accept their gay children.

According to Right Wing Watch, Swanson was responding to an article written in 2014 by Pastor John Pavlovitz who said he would love his kids if they were gay, and would pray for their safety because of all the hatred and violence in the world.

In his response, Swanson said that such a pastor should get out of the game: "As a pastor, if your children turn out to be sinners, well, they need Jesus too. If it turns out they abandoned the faith while they are in the household, accused of riot and unruly debauchery, et cetera, within the household, you need to resign as a pastor."

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2) / Photo credit: Kevin Swanson/Twitter

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