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Pastor Arrested After Police Learn Of What He Ordered Other Ministers To Do


In the Toledo area, one pastor was found to be abusing his religious authority to sexually assault children and order other ministers to do the same. The pastor promised a woman that she could trust him with her daughter because he was going to take care of her. However, it has since been alleged that this Christian man raped the teenager on a daily basis and then encouraged two other pastors to rape the victim as well.

Because Pastor Anthony Haynes has been charged with child sex trafficking and other charges, he could face a life sentence. While the other two Christian pastors pleaded guilty to their part in the child rape ring, mastermind and sex trafficker Pastor Haynes still maintains his innocence and is trying to fight the charges in court.


As part of the opening arguments in Pastor Haynes’s trial, they said that he first abused his authority as a Christian pastor when he raped the girl when she was just 14-years-old. He then systematically abused her sexually and trafficker the child to the other pastors, encouraging them to abuse her as well.

There is a lot of evidence against Haynes. Police have text messages, photos, voicemail messages, DNA evidence and more proving that Pastor Haynes raped the child. The girl told prosecutors that Haynes’s preferred location to commit child rape was at his church.

Haynes’s defense attorneys are trying to fight the heinous charges. They told jurors that while the charges might sound horrible, there is not enough evidence to prove that Haynes trafficked the child for sex and that he committed conspiracy.

Defense attorney Pete Wagner admitted that Haynes maintained a questionable relationship with the child but denied that he trafficked her or coordinated her meetings with the other pastors. Wagner also made it clear that there was no paying for sex.

Prosecutors told the jury that the victim of these crimes was chosen on purpose. She had suffered a difficult childhood. A relative had sexually assaulted her. Haynes chose her because of her difficult past and forced her to relive much of the same traumas that she had already suffered.

In front of his congregation, Haynes pledged to protect the child and serve as her father figure. However, the court heard how around her fourteenth birthday, Haynes began grooming her for sex. He forced her to perform sex acts in front of him and then progressed his levels of abuse systematically and relentlessly from there – and often only a few feet from where he promised members of his church he’d be her protector.

Haynes raped the victim day after day often in his church or at a local motel. Haynes gave her cash after he raped her at the Greater Life Christian Center.

About a year after he raped her on a regular basis, he introduced her to Pastor Kenneth Butler, and soon he was joining in the abuses.

Haynes and Butler joked about their arrangement. In one text, Butler told the victim “You better be nice and naked when I get there.”

Haynes then introduce the victim to Pastor Cordell Jenkins, whom FBI caught engaging in child rape with multiple girls.

Sources: NBC News / Photo Credit: Post Image

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