Pastor Apologizes For Same-Sex Marriage Church Sign

Although same-sex marriage has been legal in New York state since 2011, the Christian Church at Holbrook, New York, reacted to the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of nationwide marriage equality by posting a message outside the church.

The marquee read: “The Supreme Court is not the supreme being!”

Following a backlash from locals, the senior pastor at the church, Pete O’Leary, is seeking forgiveness. 

O’Leary told Sachem Patch the sign, which is a quote from Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, was a response to the Supreme Court ruling. He said the messaged was supposed to “honor God through the obedience of his word,” but it wasn’t the church’s intention to "upset, annoy, insult or anger anybody."

“Your intent really doesn’t amount to much when it does upset somebody,” O’Leary added, apologizing for the message.

Christian Church at Holbrook said on its Facebook page that its intention was “to recognize God as the Supreme Being through obedience to His Word and not man's word.”

“However, the message was not received as intended, and for that CCH apologizes to everyone who has been caused pain, insult, offense, or who has been angered. We are a loving church who will never turn anyone away who is in need of food or clothing, who desires to hear the Truth of God's word, or any person needing help of any kind.”

The church added that it invites all community members to attend its services and discuss any questions they may have. 

Christian Church at Holbrook has since changed the sign. It now reads: “This is love:… He loved us and sent his son as atoning sacrifice for our sins,” a quote from the Bible’s Book of John.

Sources: Christian Church at Holbrook/Facebook, Sachem Patch

Image via Sachem Patch


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