Pastor Accused of Hitting Wife so Hard Her Glasses Broke


Jeff Beltz, associate pastor of the Hydesville Community Church, was arrested last Saturday for allegedly hitting his wife in the face with an open hand, which reportedly broke her glasses.

Beltz was arrested in the church parking lot in Hydesville, Calif., stated Lt. Steve Knight of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, noted the Lost Coast Outpost.

Beltz was booked on one felony charge of inflicting corporal injury, but posted bail on Saturday evening.

The Hydesville Community Church website says that Beltz has been with the church since 1996 and "the heart of his vision is to reach the Eel River Valley with the Love and Message of Christ in this generation."

Beltz also runs a men’s ministry, the Christian Outdoorsmen of Humboldt County, which focuses on hunting and fishing for men and their families.

The ministry website states, "Many men in our area did not come to church because they did not know anyone there and frankly many men think Church is for women. We sought a way to show that real men come to our church and to show others that most non-churched men would actually like Christ and our church."

In 2013, Donald Fregeau Sr., a former pastor at the Hydesville Community Church, was arrested on charges of child molestation.

The 90-year-old man was not bailed out by his son Donald Fregeau Jr., who told the Lost Coast Outpost at the time: “Donald Fregeau Sr. is currently in the jail and we have no plans to bail him out."

Fregeau Sr. was to be sentenced to "one year in jail on the misdemeanor child molestation charge, and probation for the felony continuous sexual abuse of a minor charge," reported KIEM-TV.

Sources:,, Lost Coast Outpost, KIEM-TV (Image Credit: Jeanne Menj)


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